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For most of our families, students considered for admission are first recommended by their school district’s Child Study Team (CST). The CST is a multidisciplinary group of professionals that provides parents and teachers with consultative, evaluative and prescriptive services for students who are experiencing academic difficulties. A typical CST consists of a psychologist, a learning disabilities consultant, a social worker and, often, a speech/language therapist.

Parents with questions about direct enrollment or other components of our program should contact us Click here to know more about Contact us to discuss their child’s specific needs.

We treat every student as an individual, and that starts with the enrollment process. Individual process steps may vary based on location, urgency and student needs, but may proceed as follows:

Review of Records

Upon recommendation by the CST, the team at Sage Alliance will review the student’s academic and medical records, which may include...

  1. IEP Individualized Education Plans
  2. Child Study Team evaluations
  3. Other evaluations (psychiatric, psychological etc.)

Interview and Tour

Parents and student meet with our key staff to allow us to gain a more in-depth understanding of the discouraged student and to further explain our program and how we work with our students and families.

After the interview, we invite the student and their family to get to know us better. Sometimes this looks like a day on campus, hosted by other students. Sometimes, we offer changes to meet more extensively with campus leadership and tour the facilities.

Enrollment Planning

Once a student is accepted, we determine the earliest possible start date. In the case of school district placement, the student starts as soon as we receive the district’s approval.


At Sage Alliance, we monitor our students on an ongoing basis, and offer our families and CTSs regular communication around progress and needs.

Discharge Planning

The emphasis is always on maintaining the student in the least restrictive environment. Some students return to their sending school district or to another private school. Others graduate from our programs.

Making the best match of school and student is a complex endeavor. Our staff is always available to assist families during the process, from CST review to admission.