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Therapeutic Services

For most people, the journey from childhood to adulthood is a complicated, emotional time. For some, this transition provides exceptional challenges. Our therapeutic services aim to support students as they navigate these challenges.

Sage Alliance Level of Services


At Sage Alliance, educational and therapeutic services work hand-in-hand every day to provide mental health support and drive academic progress. This strategy facilitates communication between therapists and educators that are often disrupted when they belong to different systems. The combined strategy also benefits the family as scheduling conflicts are no longer an issue.

Student Experience

Though each student’s experience is designed to meet his or her needs, in general...

  • Each student is assigned a therapist and receives therapy according to their particular program. For the Sage Day program, students engage in twice-weekly individual and group therapy, and family therapy. Students at the New Alliance program benefit from twice-weekly individual therapy, daily group therapy, including experiences facilitated by a certified art therapist, weekly family therapy, and access to “onsite medical consultation”.
  • Group therapy, facilitated by the student’s primary therapist, provides continuity and daily support. The peer support they derive from “group” helps students to develop more positive peer relationships.
  • Support extends beyond the traditional school day, with assistance and guidance available during times of crisis.
Sage Alliance Student Experience
Sage Alliance Team Coordination

Coordination of Care

At Sage Alliance, we strongly believe in the value and importance of coordinated care. Regular team meetings ensure continuing communication among staff members, therapists, and doctors, which we have found is critical to our students’ success — and ours. Through our collaborative approach, we establish and manage positive relationships with community-based providers, as we all work together for the benefit of each student and the family.