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Learn about our Accreditation



Sage Alliance School proudly offers two accredited programs. Our Sage Day program is offered at four campuses and the New Alliance program is currently offered at one campus. See our location pages and program overview for more information.

The Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools accredits the Sage Day and New Alliance programs. Accreditation demonstrates that we have met, and are held accountable to, the stringent standards set forth by the Middle States Association.

For parents and students investigating educational options, this accreditation serves as confirmation from an independent body that Sage Alliance and our programs are fulfilling our mission and can provide the following benefits to school districts:

Opportunity for Success

Partnership in Placement

With Sage Alliance offering multiple levels of care through our two programs, we offer Child Study Teams the opportunity to advocate for potential success of the student. We have brought many complex searches for the right school to a positive conclusion.

A Record of Success

Thorough follow-through on Individualized Education Plans designed by the school district — Sage Alliance has an established track record of success. We aim to partner with each student’s home district to ensure we’re continually meeting needs and expectations.

Track Record of Student Success
Sage Alliance Facilities

Standards Alignment

From certified teachers to facilities that meet all necessary state and local requirements, we believe that students can thrive in the right environment with the right team. Our goal is to provide that each and every day.