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Why Us

For some families, coordinating care and education for students struggling with emotional illness can be a challenge. Sage Alliance is here to help answer that challenge, seamlessly integrating educational and ancillary therapeutic services Learn more about the therapeutic services in our schools.

The Key Tenets of our Approach Include...

At Sage Alliance, we focus on each student

A Focus on Each Student

No two students follow the same journey. Therefore, the time a student may spend at a Sage Alliance campus is as individualized as her educational experience. Each student’s strengths and challenges are unique, and therefore, we build an individualized plan that includes strategies and therapies to promote success.

Academic Rigor

We believe in a comprehensive approach to academics, where we balance challenge and supports. Each learner deserves a program catered to their needs and should leave our program with new tools to support lifelong learning.

Sage Alliance Academics
Sage Alliance Therapeutic

Therapeutic Integration

Often, educators and therapists work in different systems. We understand the power of combining their expertise into a single setting, where students can simultaneously grow academically while benefiting from therapy aimed at building emotional learning and resilience.

A Community of Care

At Sage Alliance, we provide more than just a school, we invite our families into a community built around the goal of nurturing each student as they progress on their journey with us. We believe students thrive with a sense of belonging and a freedom of self-expression, and so we endeavor to provide those.

Sage Alliance Community Care
Sage Alliance Preparing Students for life

Transition Readiness

As we create individualized plans, we build student experiences around the goal of returning to their home school district with the skills and tools needed to succeed in a traditional education setting. Where a return to a student’s home district is not appropriate, Sage Alliance guidance counselors work closely with students to prepare them for college or their desired path.


Each student has a team of trained educators, therapists and support staff that communicate regularly to ensure we are helping each student proceed toward success.

Sage Alliance Teamwork