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WELCOME TO Sage Alliance

Sage Alliance welcomes you to our community of schools that offer a unique blend of education and therapy into one setting. Each student comes to Sage struggling with either anxiety, depression, school refusal, ADHD or other emotional issues that interfere with their ability to learn and develop. We aim to develop and provide the right solution for each student to help them overcome their challenges and lead a successful, meaningful life.

Our students do amazing things, both within our walls and in the broader world. We invite you to learn more about our approach and how we help students in New Jersey overcome their challenges and go on to lead full and meaningful lives.

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Sage Alliance empowers students across New Jersey. Our schools provide a safe, therapeutic, and high-achieving academic environment that both addresses and integrates the social and academic needs of students. We prepare our students with the necessary skills to be successful in both academics and post-academics.

Sage Alliance Academic Services

Academic Services

We use a flexible model in which the curriculum is tailored for each student according to their age, educational experience, cognitive abilities and school history. All academic courses are facilitated by New Jersey Certified teachers and are aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

Learn More Sage Alliance offers a Flexible school curriculum, that's tailiored to students individual needs.
Sage Alliance Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services

We provide extensive ancillary therapeutic support, combined with productive collaboration to benefit our students.

Learn More We offer ancillary therapeutic support that's combined with collaboration to help our students.
Sage Alliance Schools Careers


Create a New Story in their lives and yours

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Sage New Alliance Schools Locations


Educating students in more than 5 locations

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Sage Alliance Schools News & Events

News and events

Always something happening at Sage Alliance Schools

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